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   Tired of long-winded Econ Texts? Can't figure out the graphs you drew in your notes? Econweb Intro Macro Online Text and Study Guide can help! As a subscriber you'll have access to a complete online text and study guide with features not possible in a printed text, including:

Animated Graphics Animation Sample
Complex ideas and diagrams become easy to understand with our carefully constructed, dynamic graphs.
Current Macro Data Economic Data Update Sample
Data on inflation, unemployment, economic growth, exchange rates, budget surpluses, and other important indicators are updated monthly, with links to full reports. Follow the macroeconomy as you learn the theory.
Self-Grading Quizes Sample Quiz
Take a practice test and get a grade on it instantly so you know where you stand! The provided answers help you clear up any remaining uncertainty.
Clear Explanations Intro Macro contents
Econweb doesn't talk down to you, but we don't write like we swallowed a thesaurus either. You'll find our explanations clear and complete, yet concise and to-the-point, and illustrated with relevant examples.

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