If you're struggling with Intro level Economics, if you find your assigned text uninspiring (dare we say boring?), if your lecture notes graphs are unreadable, or if you're tired of spending too much for study guides that ask you "feel good" practice questions but leave you unprepared for real tests, then Econweb is for you.

   Since 1997 students at over 400 colleges and universities have used Econweb Online Economics Texts and Study Guides. Many of these students have emailed us to thank us, crediting Econweb materials with helping them earn an A! At only US$9.95 each, they're a great deal!

   econweb Intro Micro and Intro Macro sites are loaded with features only online materials can offer, including: current events analyses and data that are truly current, animated graphics, challenging practice questions with complete answers, and regularly updated core materials all at a cost of under $10!

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