Introduction to Macroeconomics
Tim Yeager

ISBN 0-9673842-2-2

Welcome to Econweb's Introduction to Macroeconomics, an introductory college-level course in Macroeconomics. What does this site offer that printed books cannot?

  • High-quality animated graphs. Let the concepts of macroeconomics come alive by seeing, for example, how the Aggregate Demand curve shifts in response to expansionary monetary policy.
  • Interactive quizzes. Students can obtain instant feedback on how well they understand the material. Quiz answers are provided as well.
  • Current events. Information on inflation, unemployment, budget surpluses, and so forth are updated monthly. No printed text could be this current. Students can follow the macroeconomy during the semester and truly understand the economic events that they read about in the newspaper.
  • Low, low price. Because our marginal costs are much lower than printed texts, we can offer this textbook for the low price of just $9.95 per six month subscription. Even college students can afford these prices.

    This complete site is composed of 20 chapters that take the reader through the essentials of Macroeconomics. Students appreciate the succinct but thorough coverage of the topics. Most chapters are composed of five parts:

    1. Brief introduction
    2. Lecture notes,
    3. An on-line quiz,
    4. Powerpoint slide show,
    5. Summary.

    The material for each chapter is accessible from this page, by clicking on "Course topics" in the left-hand margin. From there, you will see a listing of each chapter and its associated topic. Simply click on the appropriate link to access the lecture notes, quiz, or slide show for that chapter. The "Macro home" link takes you back to this page from anywhere in the cybertext, and "Econweb home" takes you to the Econweb homepage.

    Feedback from students or faculty on the layout, content, or anything else regarding this cybertext is welcomed and appreciated. All the contents are the author's work and do not reflect upon any current or past employer. Enjoy this text and reinforce the economic concepts you are learning in your class.


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